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aliked.com is only providing access to content in a form of a service. We hope everyone in the Web follows all laws, including each copyright law and other intellectual property laws. aliked.com believes that people and entities, who make information available on the Internet do it for public use and hope it will be available everywhere on the Word Wide Web. We believe, that our indexing of URLs to public media files at this site is legally permitted and agrees with the common, meets expectations of those who use the Internet media. All the URLs on this website has promotional usage. It’s recommended for users to delete all the files downloaded in twenty-four-hours. It’s also recommended to get originals of all materials and support work of artists and industry.
Likewise, aliked.com pages and URLs only promote and educate and shouldn’t be downloaded or viewed whatsoever if you are co-operative with any anti-piracy group or connected with government, or other related group or were formally a worker of one, you can’t enter this site or access any of the files or media URLs on it. By entering our site not agreeing to these terms is violating the INTERNET PRIVACY. You can’t threat our ISP’s or Host or Servers.
Here at aliked.com, we share URLs, which lead to multimedia files. These files aren’t stored on our servers or IT systems and they content on private and public third parties. We don’t carry any responsibility this files, also aliked.com just collects URLs and INDEXES them from different sites as well as their content. We never DIRECTLY store content on its own SERVER or its IT Systems and never will. Gaining access of multimedia files on the Internet, you are accessing content over which isn’t controlled by aliked.com. The content of those files are determined by other known or unknown third parties, who made those files available in the web and those parties are personally responsible for them and related materials. We don’t have control over that content and does not responsible for such content.

aliked.com gives no warranties, expressed or implied, for the provided services. We don’t held responsibility for any damages of you or your business, which you may suffer from using our services. aliked.com doesn’t held responsibility for any failures, delays, inaccuracies, interruptions, or typographical errors.
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Content Removal :

Links, which is found on aliked.com lead to files meant only for promotional usage. These files aren’t stored on our servers or IT systems and they content on private and public third parties. We don’t responsible and don’t control the access to them.
If links to copyrighted materials, which you own, is contented on aliked.com and you want to remove them, you must grant a pen-and-ink confirmation which has exact reference to your content. Based on frequency of spam or fake messages, for insurance of connection with true owner of the content, your message must contain following information:
The link on our site and name of your material.
Feedback information (e-mail and contact number).
Clear proof that you own the copyrighted content or confirmation, in which you represent the person/company, owning the content.
When the info is completed, please go to copyright protection page.
Based on the nature of spread availability of files as other sites will also index the same content, we suggest that you should contact the person who DIRECTLY has the content or file available.
If you send emails to our ISP, hosting or other associated company, this will slow down the time it takes to process your request. Because of this, ALL EMAILS should be sent or forwarded to our e-mail address.
When you send us an email, we will do our best to reply as quick as possible but, please, expect delays if it happens.