Disco Halal – Discography (2015 – 2018)

Disco Halal
Disco Halal

Title : Disco Halal – Discography (2015 – 2018)
Genre : Nu Disco, House, Electronic
Label : Disco halal
Released : 2015 – 2018
Quality : 320 kbps

Disco Halal hails from beneath the minarets of the Holy Land. Led by Moscoman, the resonant sound drifted forth, across the continents, gathering kaleidoscopic fragments of found Middle Eastern sounds and fractured European rhythms, all along the way, washing up at last, upon the shores of Berlin, finding home in the almighty OYE Records shop.

Releases :

VA ‎– Groove 166 CD 75 [Groove 166CD75]
Autarkic – I Love You, Go Away [DHLP001]
Chaim – The Perfect Circle [DH011]
Simple Symmetry – Plane Goes East (DJ Tennis Reworks) [DH010]
Simple Symmetry – Plane Goes East [DH009]
VA ‎– Groove 163 CD 72 [Groove 163CD72]
Calexico ‎– Roll Tango (Moscoman Remix) [DHE001]
Red Axes, Moscoman, Krikor – Subaru Pesha [DH008]
Naduve – THE RACE FOR A HANDSHAKE (incl.Saturn Memories rmx) [DH007]
TCP – Moscoman Reworks [DH006]
Carrot Green & Selvagem ‎– Disco Halal Brazil [DH004]
VA ‎– Disco Halal Vol.3 [DH003]
VA – Disco Halal Vol.2 [DH002]
VA – Disco Halal Vol 1 [DH001]
Autarkic – I Love You, Go Away – Remixes [DHLP001RD]
Chaim – Your Mulana [DH017D]
Kiwi – Mountains Of Dew [DH013D]
Moscoman – I Ran [DH014D]
VA – Halal Collection [DHC001]
VA – Perfect Strangers [DH016]
Yoshinori Hayashi – Uncountable Set [DH012D]



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