Joris Voorn – Discography (2002 – 2011)

Joris Voorn – Discography (2002 – 2011)

Joris Voorn - Discography (2002 - 2011)
Joris Voorn - Discography (2002 - 2011)

Artist : Joris Voorn
Title : Discography (2002 – 2011)
Genre : Tech House, Techno, House, Deep House
Released : 2002 – 2011
Quality : 320 kbps
Size : 2,1 gb

After developing a more focused interest in house and techno, Joris invested in the versatile MC-303 Groovebox and began to experiment with synth sounds and drumloops.

Joris Voorn sits at the epicenter of the Dutch electronic music scene, the most renowned and instantly recognisable artist from Holland, representing underground house and techno on a wider global stage. For a country with a population of just seventeen million Holland’s contribution to world electronic music is unsurpassed. While house and techno trace their roots to the marginal and mainly black American underground, its taken a relatively small country in the European lowlands to flip electronic music on its head and turn it into the global powerhouse it is today. In 2016 few could deny that Amsterdam is the global capital of electronic music and few artists embody the melting pot of musical influences that define the city’s underground techno scene more than Joris Voorn.

Joris is the embodiment of the modern-art and tech-savvy touring DJ, with both feet planted in firmly in the underground techno world, but a keen eye for contemporary art, photography and a long-standing love of architecture (you only need to check his Instagram or EP covers to see where this all comes together). Born in the Dutch town of Tilburg, the son of a composer and a music teacher, Joris gained international recognition with his breakout ‘Muted Trax EP’ on Keynote which was followed quickly by his universally acclaimed ‘Lost Memories EP’ on Sino the following year. Its follow-up ‘Lost Memories Part 2’ in 2004 included the standout track ‘Incident’ which became an immediate and firm fixture in the sets of many of his now-peers including Carl Cox, Derrick May and Laurent Garnier and was one of the standout tunes of that summer at clubs everywhere from The Sub Club to Circo Loco.

Since then he has gone on to release three hugely critically acclaimed artist albums, ‘Future History’ (released on on Sino in 2004), ‘From A Deep Place’ (released on Green in 2007) and the most recent ‘Nobody Knows’ voted electronic album of the year 2014 by Billboard Magazine in the US. He has backed these up with dearly loved mix compilations for Belgian techno bastion Fuse, Australia’s Balance series and most recently London underground superclub fabric.

In 2005 he founded the founded ‘Green’ the first of two labels which he runs with long-time collaborator Edwin Oosterwal. This has provided a platform for Joris’ two most recent albums, plus some of his biggest hits including 2013’s ‘Ringo’ and his 2016’s ‘Looks Fake Obviously’. The second label ‘Rejected’ has given him an outlet for more straight-up house tracks aimed squarely at the dancefloor such his various installments in the ‘Dusty House’ series of Eps plus somewhere to release tracks from his peers such as Deetron, Anton Pieete, Ian Pooley and Steve Rachmad. These two labels represent the opposing ends of the ‘Spectrum’ of underground music that Joris is proud to champion. In fact, this word is so synonymous with the wide range of underground musical styles that inspire and inform both Joris’ DJing and production work that he decided to call his forthcoming radio show and event series ‘Spectrum’, allowing him to fully explore the full reach of his extensive musical tastes and share them with a wider audience.

Throughout the years Ibiza has always played an active part in Joris’ summer touring diary, from early gigs at We Love on Sundays at Space, through to his more recent La Familia nights at Ushuaia with Nic Fancuilli, in 2016 Joris has in the enviable position of holding not one but two key residencies in Ibiza, at ANTS at Ushaia alongside the likes of Maya Janes Coles and Kolsch, and El Row at Space alongside Eats Everything, Paco Osuna and Groove Armada.

Releases :

2002 Muted Trax Part 1 (GZ005) – Vinyl – 192 kbps
2003 Lost Memories Part 1 (SINO009) – Vinyl – 192 kbps
2003 Muted Trax Part 2 (GZ009) – Vinyl – 192 kbps
2003 The Way Things Appear.. (WOLF001) – WEB – 320 kbps
2004 Future History (SINO101CD) – CD – 320 kbps
2004 Lost Memories Part 2 (SINO010) – WEB – 320 kbps
2004 Muted Trax Part 3 (GZ011) – Vinyl – VBR V2
2004 The First Sound (SA001) – Vinyl – VBR V2
2005 A Dedicated Mind (GR01) – WEB – 320 kbps
2005 Chemistry Of Attraction (WOLF007) – Vinyl – VBR V2
2005 Club Wire Limited Release (GRWIRELTD) – WEB – 320 kbps
2005 Fuse Presents Joris Voorn (mmcd 025) – CD – 320 kbps
2006 Coming From The Shower After A Late Night With A Failed Date (GR02) – WEB – 320 kbps
2006 Rejected (SA004) – Vinyl – VBR V2
2006 SL3 Cliche (REJ001) – Vinyl – VBR V2
2007 From A Deep Place (GR101CD) – CD – 320 kbps
2007 Let’s Go Juno Lost (REJ002) – WEB – 320 kbps
2007 When It Was Day We Made It Night (GR03) – WEB – 320 kbps
2008 Fwd From A Deep Place (GR05) – WEB – 320 kbps
2008 Let’s Go Juno Cliche Remixes (REJ005) – WEB – 320 kbps
2008 Re From A Deep Place (GR04D) – WEB – 320 kbps
2009 Balance 014 (EQGCD024) – 2x CD – 320 kbps
2009 Dead Dog Bounce Peanuts (FIGURE20) – WEB – 320 kbps
2009 Dusty House Room 1 (REJ007.1) – WEB – 320 kbps
2009 Dusty House Room 2 (REJ007.2) – WEB – 320 kbps
2010 The Secret (COR12075) – WEB – 320 kbps
2010 We Love The Sound Of Sundays Space Ibiza (Mixmag 0610) – CD – 320 kbps
2011 For The People Remixes (REJ014) – WEB – 320 kbps
2011 Incident (Miyagi) (REJ016) – WEB – 320 kbps
2011 Together The Tide (REJ015) – WEB – 320 kbps
2011 UnTITLED Dub Vol. 1 (REJLTD001) – WEB – 320 kbps

Remixes :

A.J.A. – Your Light [Joris Voorn Remix]
Dosem – Beach Kisses [Joris Voorn Green Mix]
Fatboy Slim vs. Herve – Machines Can Do The Work [Joris Voorn Does The Work Remix]
Goldfrapp – Believer [Joris Voorn Dub]
Goldfrapp – Believer [Joris Voorn Remix]
Hot Chip – One Life Stand [Joris Voorn Dusty Flower Remix]
Jimpster – Dangly Panther [Joris Voorn Remix]
Justin Berkovi – Rising [Joris Voorn Remix]
Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver – Play The Game [Joris Voorn Remix]
Kevin Saunderson – Bassline [Joris Voorn 07 Remix]
Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin – Callisto [Joris Voorn Remix]
Nalin & Kane – Beachball 2010 [Joris Voorn Remix]
Patrice Baumel – Vapour [Joris Voorn Solid Mix]
Paul Mac – Return To The Acid [Dark Science Remix]
Paul Mac – Return To The Soul [Dark Science Remix]
Pitto – Feelin’ [Joris Voorn Can’t Kick This Feelin’ When It Hits]
Ripperton – Random Violence [Joris Voorn Green Mix]
Robert Babicz – Dark Flower [Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix]
Samuel L. Session – Can You Relate [Joris Voorn Remix]
Skylark – Movin [Joris Voorn’s Rejected Rave Dub]
Slam – Ghost Song [Joris Voorn Remix]
Solomun – After Rain Comes Sun [Joris Voorn Dusty Dub Stab]
Steve Bug feat. Paris The Black Fu – Swallowed Too Much Bass [Joris Voorn Remix]
Vamp Circus – Need You [Dark Science Remix]
Who’s Who – Klack [Joris Voorn Remix]
Wigald Boning – Kobra Dance [Joris Voorn Dub]


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